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Rise Of Da Phoenix is a studio project that Lumphoenix started early 2007 after the release of “Pfhalakasha” by Black Warriors in 2005, a clique of four of which he was one, and the youngest. Most folks still remember Lum from his first Street Hit Single of 2004 “Wadelela”, and most of the songs he had made since then had not yet been uploaded digitally but says that he’s planning to do so as soon as possible. On production he worked with Wiz Kanike, Storm and Gusto47, not forgetting The Monarchy BFR’s production Team. Most beats or need I just say 85% of the work on Rise Of Da Phoenix Mixtape was proudly produced by Lumphoenix a.k.a G47 the Hitman.

Lum said that this has been a great experience regarding the fact that it’s his first solo project and to be getting it released, is a big deal to him. “Yet it doesn’t feel like the best of me,” Lum Added. And knowing what this boy is capable of personally I say: “watch the space, Lol.”

The whole of 2010 to late 2011 he was not recording any music because BFR got shut down for renuvation purposes and other undisclosed matters. But it never stopped his hustle cos Lum capitalized on that and started travelling with no plan of sleep whatsoever, trying to establish good working relationships with Artists in and out of Limpopo. With faith, hope and a lot of respect for the game he succeeded.

Mid 2010 he was promoting “Pfumela”, a Single he laced in 2009 at Fire Burn Studio. Performing live on one of Tsunami’s Album launches, sharing the stage with the likes of Mizo Phyll, Tsunami, Mac J to name a few. His performance was hyped up by his fellow rap mates or need I say cousins Luther and Static Fusion, word in the street is that the stage was fired up cos BFR’s first signed Artist got crowds running from the bar, the gate which was atleast 20m away from the stage and all corners of the festival just to catch Heatman do his ting.

From Feb 2011 he was in Pretoria Soshanguve & where he met Dog-Unit, Toy-Me, Krazy-Thugs and a whole lot others. But the one’s listed are featured Artists on track 17. Though South Side is the only joint that’s on the tape, it deffenetaly wasn’t the only one he laced while he was in Sosha.

He says that he believes in the potential the people in his Province (Limpopo) has rather than blowing up in a place where he won’t be appreciated as much.
But I don’t know about that Lumphoenix, you’ll never know unless you’ve tried.
“I’m not expecting much from this Mixtape, financially… He giggles, but I definitely want to live a mark and rip out of it” said Lumphoenix.

“Thanking everybody in advance for the time, dedication and intellectual property invested on my music, and to my fans for choosing me, Much Love” explained Lumphoenix.


> Love In Reverse
> Drama Boy
> Ro Takala
> Sweswi ; Ganda-Ganda and many many more.


*Kulani Mabobo a.k.a maKzmum *Reflection *Wiz_Kanike a.k.a Automatic *Static_Fusion a.k.a Stazzy *Nunu_de_rox *Kingzitha *Lunatic *Baby_Voice *Nsovo *Biz_Black_Shit *Kingrap *Storm *Luther and *Shony_Mrepa and *Omash_Madragon

“Honestly its been great working with every guy and lady on the list above, I pray God for greed not to divide us. And to every one that’s not on the album but been there through the recording sessions and witnessed the struggles, I thank you too for your presence motivated me ’till today.”

GET YOUR COPY!!!!! To leave your feedback please visit http://www.facebook.com/MMC.Lumphoenix or follow him @ http://www.twitter.com/Lumphoenix

Email: lumphoenix@gmail.com


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